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SecurityCEU.com :: # Full Course List :: Smart Home AV Bundle

Smart Home AV Bundle #*BUNDLE*_BRL_SMARTAV
Smart Home AV Bundle 

This package includes access to the three course including The Connected World, Networking 101 for Everyone and Home Theater Technologies Explained. You will get one year of access to all three programs.

The Connected World
This engaging introduction is recommended for all types of employees and is designed for anyone new to the industry or interested in the growing market opportunities. This course delivers an overview of the smart home industry and IoT. Gain an explanation and appreciation of the Internet of Things. Learn about systems, capabilities, benefits, and the technical infrastructure that delivers integration of products and services. Examine trends and innovations changing the way we live, work, and play, and get a glimpse into future technologies. 

Networking 101 for Everyone
This course is an introduction to networking concepts and stands alone. it is intended for everyone and provides a basic understanding of networking and how networks are an integral part of everyday life. This easy-to-understand course explains the Internet and IoT, along with networking fundamentals from addresses to connectivity. When you’ve finished the course, you will be able to share networking terms, identify network devices, and recognize network concepts. 

Home Theater Technologies Explained
Create the best viewing experience possible by learning key concepts of home theater, including aspect ratios, video formats, audio formats, reproduction and power conditioning. Learn about digital sources and streaming media. Grasp detailed step-by-step system design, installation procedures, along with video and audio calibration to maximize performance. 

This course is NOT part of the SecurityCEU.com Library subscription and must be purchased independently.

Price: $150.00


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