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SecurityCEU.com :: ALOA :: Small Format Interchangeable Core Locks

Small Format Interchangeable Core Locks #ALOA_SFIC
Small Format Interchangeable Core Locks  Small Format Interchangeable Core Locks

The Small Format Core Interchangeable Core (SFIC) system utilizes removable cylinders or cores that can be removed without disassembling the lock and are often used where frequent lock changes are necessary, such as apartment buildings or rental properties. The SFIC Course includes the following topics.

  • Identify SFIC locks and their components
  • Understand the tools and materials needed to pin SFICs
  • Disassemble SFIC locks
  • Create a bitting chart for SFIC locks
  • Pin SFIC locks for Control Keys, Master Keys and Change Keys
  • Assemble and test SFIC locks

Price: $59.00


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